Restrictions of Freedom of Speech in China, and
Suppressed Documents About China, Past and Present

      China is a country that has very strong restrictions on the freedom of speech, especially with regard to revolutionary ideas. With the overthrow of people’s power after the death of Mao Zedong, China became a bourgeois state. There are two main types of bourgeois state: bourgeois democracy and fascism. China is definitely not a bourgeois democracy! However, it is also not quite a fascist state of the Nazi type, but rather what might be called “soft fascism”. That is, the people are mostly not persecuted unless and until they do anything to try to change the social system. No publications are allowed which try to educate and organize the people in the necessity of retaking power from the new bourgeoisie. The Internet is severely censored, as are foreign publications, films, etc. Even mild reformist criticism of the ruling class and its policies is usually suppressed. Moreover, the Chinese rulers also try to prevent information about injustices in China from being made known in other countries.

      In dealing with a country so devoid of a free press and free communications as China, it is hard for to even know where to start. We will simply have to post news of specific outrages, big or small, as we learn of them. We will also attempt to post information about social struggles and rebellions of the Chinese masses; about the beginning developments of a new Maoist revolutionary sentiment in China; and about the development of Chinese capitalism into a new imperialist power.

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