The Maoist Era in China — Relations with Foreign Countries

Publications and Documents which are Now Difficult to Find

      This is a sub-section of material on on publications and documents from the Maoist era in China. In this sub-section we are focusing on China’s foreign relations. Not included here, however, are documents related to the Soviet Union and the Great Debate between revolutionary Marxism-Leninism supported by Mao and revolutionary China, and the revisionism, state capitalism and social-imperialism of Khrushchev and his successors in the Soviet Union.

      It should be noted that some of the documents in this section were written by Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping, Lin Biao, or other individuals who themselves became targets of the revolution at later points. We are including such materials here—despite the errors (or crimes!) of these individuals—as part of our documentary record of the Chinese revolution and its internal class struggles.

      For information about other aspects of China in the Maoist era, see this index page. For information about present-day capitalist-imperialist China, and current mass struggles there including a developing new Maoist revolutionary movement, see our section in on China today.

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Chinese Foreign Relations During the Maoist Era

Theoretical Books and Pamphlets from China in the Maoist Era which Relate to Foreign Affairs

Magazines from China, Mostly from the Maoist Era (which Contain
a Huge Amount of Information about Chinese Foreign Relations)

Contemporary Foreign Commentary about China During the Maoist Era

Retrospective Commentary about Foreign Relations During the Maoist Period