Suppression of Publications and
Arrests of Journalists in Turkey

      Turkey is a country where despite official claims that there is “democracy” and “a free press”, people are often arrested for their political beliefs and publications are often harrassed or suppressed.

      We are also posting news here (which is generally suppressed in Turkey and internationally) of the revolutionary movement and related struggles such as in support of the huge number of political prisoners being held in Turkey’s notorious prisons.

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Turkish Militarism and “Sub-Imperialism”:

  • “We Condemn ISIS Aggression and the Support of the Turkish State”, statement by the Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Armenian Battalion, September 2020, 1 page. (An included link also goes to a TKP/ML page which has versions in Turkish, Kurdish, and Armenian.)   English: PDF format (50 KB);   French: PDF format (83 KB)

Press Freedom Issues:

  • “Turkey Leads the World in Jailing Journalists”, by Rick Gladstone, New York Times, Dec. 13, 2018.   PDF format (70 KB)
  • “Mass Arrests of Journalists Aimed at Suppressing Pro-Kurdish Information and Voices”, by Alliance for Kurdish Rights, Dec. 21, 2011, 2 pages.   PDF Version (92 KB)
  • “Press Freedom in Turkey: A Dangerous Place to be a Journalist”, The Economist, March 12, 2011, p. 61, 2 pages. Showing that even the mildest forms of exposures and criticisms within the ruling establishment itself are often being suppressed in a fascist manner.   PDF Version (122 KB)
  • “More than 100 Journalists Face the Threat of Imprisonment”, Hürriyet Daily News, Nov. 5, 2010, 2 pages.   PDF Version (111 KB)
  • “Two Kurdish Newspapers Suspended; Magazine Copies Seized”, IPS Communication Foundation, Sept. 7, 2010, 2 pages.   PDF Version (92 KB)
  • Suzan Zengin Case:
    • “Revolutionary Journalist Suzan Zengin has Passed Away”, two news articles posted on the Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle website, Oct. 17, 2011, 3 pages.   PDF Version (116 KB)
    • “For the Release of Suzan Zengin, Journalist and Political Prisoner”, statement from the International Association of People’s Lawyers, c. Sept. 5, 2010, 2 pages.   PDF Version (128 KB)
    • “Imprisonment Against Journalist of Progressive Revolutionary Socialist Paper ISCI KOYLU!”, statement about the arrest of Suzan Zengin, Sept. 1, 2009.   PDF Version (151 KB)

Prisons and Prison Solidarity Movement:

  • “Prisoners Punished for Singing Political Slogans”, from the Weekly Freedom of Expression Bulletin, #25, 2011, 1 page.   PDF Version (50 KB)
  • “Inside, Outside Tear Down the Prisons!”, by the Solidarity Committee with Revolutionary Prisoners (Detudak), Dec. 6, 2009.   PDF Version (153 KB)
  • “Turkey: Prison Massacre [of December 2000]”, by the Revolutionary Communist Group (Britain), Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, Feb./March 2001, 4 pages.   PDF Version (106 KB);

Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist
        with websites at: and

Communist Party of Turkey — Marxist-Leninist [Formerly known as TKP-ML ÖK],
        with websites at: and
        This party resulted from the split within the long established TKP/ML in late 2016 or thereabouts.

Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist [abbreviated as TKP/ML or sometimes TKP-ML],
      and its military wing TIKKO (Liberation Army of Workers and Peasants of Turkey)
        This is the party which which split into the two parties listed above at around the end of 2016. Our information about the reasons for
        this split and the differences between the two resulting parties is fragmentary and confusing.

[Note that the TKP/ML (above) and the TKP(ML) (below) are (or were) different parties, even though their names differ only in the punctuation!]

Communist Party of Turkey (Marxist-Leninist) [TKP(ML)]

Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (Maoist Party Centre)

        [Split off from the TKP/ML in 1987. We do not know if this Party still exists.]

Maoist Communist Party (MKP) of Turkey and North Kurdistan [“Maoist Komünist Partisi”]:

[Note that the MKP of Turkey and North Kurdistan (above) and the party with the same name in English (below) are different parties since 2013 and have slightly different names in Turkish.]

Maoist Communist Party (MKP) of Turkey and North Kurdistan [“Maoist Komünist Parti”]:

Workers Party of Kurdistan [Parti Karkerani Kurdistan] (PKK) & its military wing HPG (People’s Defense Force)

        [No longer a Marxist party since its leader Abdullah Öcalan was imprisoned in 1999 and then abandoned Marxism.]

Other Revolutionary Movement News and Information:

Foreign and/or Academic Commentary on Turkey:


      Due to the repressive legislation and judicial decisions in the United States, we at want to make it completely clear that we do not have any connection with any political party or organization in Turkey, or in any other country for that matter. We do not aid, promote, assist, support, coordinate with, or provide any sort of services or advice to any Turkish political party or organization, nor to any other party. However, we do support the right of free speech, and the right of the people in both Turkey and internationally to read the views and publications of these and all other parties and organizations. For this reason we do object to the suppression of the views and ideas put forward by revolutionary parties in Turkey by the Turkish government. And for this reason alone we are making copies of many of their documents available on this site, documents which the authorities in Turkey wish to suppress and keep from the people.

      Also, we ask visitors to this site to please don’t ask us to try to contact any Turkish political parties for them. We have no way of doing that. Thank you. Home Page