New Zealand - Suppressed or Restricted Information

      New Zealand is a bourgeois democratic country, and one which has wider freedoms of speech and of the press than a great many countries of the world. Nevertheless, the media is almost entirely owned and controlled by the capitalist class, and, because of this, information about people’s struggles and revolutionary groups is still generally very difficult to come by. Even information which is not suppressed via the legal system can still be mostly suppressed via the normal functioning of the capitalist economic system.

      We at oppose the suppression of news and information whether it is done through force or through economics. There can be no true democracy or freedom where only the ideas acceptable to the exploiting ruling class are allowed to reach the people. On this site we will do what we can to make available news and documents which are mostly unknown to the people of New Zealand and the rest of the world.

      This page has just been started, and we hope to add more materials later. If you know of other documents or items which should be made available here, contact us at:

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