Eastern Horizon Magazine

Published in Hong Kong (1960-1981)


      A progressive monthly magazine published in Hong Kong starting in July 1960, which was supportive of the Chinese Revolution (at least during the Mao era), and also of revolution elsewhere in the world. It is said that it originally expressed something of the legacy of the “Bandung spirit”, or at any rate had an international perspective focusing on Asia and Africa especially. Among its regular contributors in its first years were Rewi Alley, Han Suyin, Mulk Raj Anand, Wong Phui Nam and Tiang Hong.

      The founding editor of the magazine was Liu Pengju, who had previously worked at newspapers in Hong Kong which were published by the Communist Party of China. Thereafter it was edited by Lee Tsung-ying. During the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China it appears that Eastern Horizon also became more revolutionary. But after Mao’s death, the magazine soon shifted with the revisionist winds to the right.

      Unfortunately we only have a few issues of this interesting magazine available to us. If you know of the availability of other issues of Eastern Horizon, which can be scanned and posted here, please contact us at:

Eastern Horizon


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