Radical or Revolutionary Journalists and Other Writers

Banned or Difficult to Find Books and Articles

      This page is devoted to making available the banned or very difficult to find books, articles and other works by a number of important international journalists. These journalists often reported from different countries at different times, and for that reason it seems better to make their work available here. (There are often links to their works within the individual country sections of as well, when those works relate to that country specifically.)

      This section of is just getting started, and we hope to greatly expand it in the future.

      If you know of other books, articles or other items by radical or revolutionary journalists, which are suppressed or at least very difficult to find, and which should therefore be posted here, please contact us at:

Burchett, Wilfred G.   (1911-1983)
        [Australian journalist sympathetic to radical and communist revolutions, who especially focused on the Vietnamese Revolution.]

Hinton, Joan   (1921-2010)
        [American physicist who later lived in and wrote about revolutionary China, along with her husband Erwin (Sid) Engst.]

Hinton, William   (1919-2004)
        [American Marxist writer whose work focused on the Chinese Revolution.]

Myrdal, Jan   (1927-2020)

Smedley, Agnes   (1892-1950)

Snow, Edgar   (1905-1972)

Strong, Anna Louise   (1885-1970)


      Due to the repressive legislation and judicial decisions in the United States, we at want to make it completely clear that the ideas and opinions expressed in the works by the journalists available above are their own. We present these works here because we support the right of free speech and the right of the people everywhere to have access to these works, whether the government authorities in their country approve or not. Home Page