RED PATH — An Independent International Scholarly Journal

      Red Path is an independent, moderated, international scholarly electronic journal founded in 2014. It is available on the Internet at: Its editors state that it attempts to analyze contemporary society from a critical Marxist perspective:

      Red Path takes the view that proletarian ideology has been so degraded by social democracy and modern revisionism internationally and particularly in Russia by the Khrushchevites and by the Dengists in China, and western academia writings, that much of what has passed for proletarian ideology and Marxist theory in the final analysis are nothing but distortions of the proletarian ideology, thought and practice. Since proletarian socialism can only be brought about through the dictatorship of the proletariat, rejects any analyses purporting to portray socialism as anything but a long period of class struggle under the dictatorship of the proletariat or that socialism can be achieved without revolution leading to the dictatorship of the proletariat through the smashing of the old state....

      The aim of Red Path is to take part in the tremendous endeavours to raise high the banner and the lessons of the Paris commune, the Great October Revolution, the Chinese Revolution in 1949 and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution that have charted the red path of proletarian revolution in the march towards communism. aims to encourage scholarly research and discussion around the political economy of contemporary world capitalism as a whole and its various components as advanced and backward societies. For this purpose, it regards debate around theory, methodology and as a consequence philosophy to be essential. Inevitably, contemporary political economy must also involve debate around the importance of historical events and so encourages contributions of historical analysis.

      In short,’s aim is to publish theoretical work at various levels of abstraction from the most profound to that of analytical description in order to help provide the theory required for social liberation, which with the deepening crisis of the whole capitalist system, the failure of revisionists and the bankruptcy of social democracy and the rise of mass popular resistance is once more on the agenda....

      Although has its own web site, we are also making its issues and documents available here. It is becoming more and more common for the reactionary authorities in many countries to block progressive and revolutionary web sites, and one important means of getting around this growing censorship is to make such materials available on as many different web sites as possible. There is, however, some discussion of these documents by readers on which is not reproduced here.

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      Due to the repressive legislation and judicial decisions in the United States, we at BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET want to make it completely clear that we do not have any connection whatsoever with the journal “Red Path” nor with any of the parties or organizations whose members may contribute articles to that journal. We do not aid, promote, assist, support, coordinate with, or provide any sort of services or advice to any of these parties or organizations. However, we do support the right of free speech, and the right of the people in both the United States and internationally to read the views in this and all other publications. And for this reason alone we are making copies of the issues of this journal available on this site.