Banned Telugu Language Books and Documents in India

      Both the national and state governments of India ban and attempt to suppress documents from many parties and organizations, and which are written in many different languages. On BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET we mostly post these documents and publications on separate pages for each party, organization or by specific subject areas. But sometimes we receive copies of banned documents in languages we ourselves do not understand. This page is devoted to making available some of these documents in the Telugu language.

      Because of our own linguistic shortcomings we often do not know the titles of these documents, the authors, the organizations they represent, the dates they were written, or much else about them. However, we believe that these documents are serious works written with a serious purpose and should therefore be made available to the Telugu speaking people in India and elsewhere in the world.

      If visitors to this site can provide us with additional information about the specific documents we already have posted here, we would be grateful. Contact us at:

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