British Publications which have been Suppressed
or Which are Difficult to Locate

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      Many of the magazines and documents below have been scanned and first posted on the Internet by other organizations or individuals, including one group calling itself “The Socialist Truth in Cyprus—London Branch”, about whose politics we have no knowledge. We thank them, however, for their scanning and posting efforts.

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British Imperialism — Its History and Characteristics

Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)   [A small party which originated in 1968 as a pro-Maoist split from the CPGB. However, in the late 1970s this party renounced Maoism and allied itself with Enver Hoxha and Albania. Strangely, it then apparently supported the revisionist Soviet Union again for a brief period! It has a website at:]

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)   [A small party originally called the Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist) when it was formed in 1972. In 1979 it changed its name, rejected Maoism and aligned itself with Albania. It was ideologically very close to Hardial Bains, who was the head of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist). Website:]

Communist Party of Great Britain   [Existed from 1920 to 1991. From at least 1950 on (and probably long before that) this was a totally revisionist party.]

Books and Pamphlets Published by the CPGB:

Marxist Study Courses   [Prepared by the CPGB in the early 1930s.]

Other Educational Materials

Communist Review — CPGB Monthly Theoretical Journal (1921-1927; 1929-1935; 1946-1953):

Marxism Today — CPGB Monthly Theoretical and Discussion Journal (1957-1991)

Labour Monthly   [A journal published from 1921-1981 and associated with the CPGB. It was edited from its beginning until his death in 1974 by R. Palme Dutt. It is said that Dutt’s “Notes of the Month” editorial in each issue represented the official CPGB line. Individual articles from the entire run are available online at:   A much smaller number of individual articles from early issues are also available at: ]

The Modern Quarterly   [A journal published from 1945-1953 and associated with the CPGB. It was edited by John Lewis.]

Vol. 1, #1 December 1945 Searchable PDF format   (5,923 KB) [Missing pages 80-81.]
Vol. 3, #1 Winter 1947-8 PDF format   (8,796 KB)  
Vol. 3, #3 Summer 1948 PDF format   (8,611 KB)  
Vol. 3, #4 Autumn 1948 PDF format   (8,010 KB)  
Vol. 4, #4 Autumn 1949 PDF format   (17,660 KB)  
Vol. 5, #1 Winter 1949-50 PDF format   (8,577 KB)  
Vol. 5, #2 Spring 1950 PDF format   (9,523 KB)  
Vol. 5, #3 Summer 1950 PDF format   (8,256 KB)  
Vol. 5, #4 Autumn 1950 PDF format   (6,843 KB) [Some light underlining.]
Vol. 6, #3 Summer 1951 PDF format   (7,927 KB)  
Vol. 6 Index 1951 PDF format   (4 pages; 142 KB)  
Vol. 7, #2 Spring 1952 PDF format   (6,248 KB)  
Vol. 7, #3 Summer 1952 PDF format   (5,846 KB)  
Vol. 8, #1 Winter 1952-3 PDF format   (5,227 KB) [Cover askew.]

Marxist Quarterly We believe the “Marxist Quarterly” was the continuation of the “Modern Quarterly” for the years 1953-1956.

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