Suppression of News in Brazil and
Outrages Against the Workers and Peasants

      In Brazil, as in so many other countries, much of the real news about what is happening to the working class, peasants and the poor, is suppressed, or at the very least is not widely reported. And for reasons like this the claims that Brazil enjoys a “democracy” and “a free press” are gross exaggerations of the true situation.

      In particular, the huge landowners and landlords who rule the rural areas frequently torture or murder poor peasants who struggle against their oppression, with scarcely a word being said about it either within Brazil or in the international press. We at will try to help break down this news embargo about the horrible crimes that occur there on a regular basis.

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Partido Comunista do Brasil — Fração Vermelha   [Communist Party of Brazil — Red Fraction]

Partido Comunista do Brasil   [Communist Party of Brazil]

Frente Revolucionária de Defesa dos Direitos do Povo (Brasil)
[Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the People’s Rights (Brazil)]

Carlos Marighella   (1911-1969)
      Famous Brazilian revolutionary murdered by police on Nov. 4, 1969. He was strongly influenced by Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution, though he favored urban guerrilla warfare instead.

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