Albania — Banned or Difficult to Find Information about the
Suppression of Ideas in Albania and about its Socialist Era

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      Many of the scanned documents on this page have been taken from elsewhere on the Internet, and in particular from the “Left Side of the Road” blog (at; the Marxist Internet Archive (at; the Russian language website; and from a website formerly operated by the “Socialist Truth in Cyprus” group in London (“Kibris’ta Sosyalist Gerçek — Londra Bürosu”). Although we don’t know the political views of this last group, we thank them and our other sources for their extensive scanning efforts.

      There are two types of PDF scans below: image scans, which consist of a picture of each page, and processed scans, which use character recognition software to read each page image and then reconstruct those pages in a smaller, easier to read file with sharper text. (However, this process frequently changes the fonts and word spacing, and might introduce a few errors occasionally.)

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The New Capitalist Era in Albania after the Overthrow of Socialism

Realities of the Return of Capitalism and Foreign Imperialist Domination of Albania

Suppression of News and Opinion in Contemporary Capitalist Albania

The Socialist Era in Albania   (1944-1990)

General Works about Albania:

Documents of the Party of Labor of Albania:

Writings of Enver Hoxha:

Writings of Other PLA Leaders:

Other Political Works:

Albanian History:

Albanian Government:

Albania’s Foreign Relations:

The Economy in the Socialist Era and Labor Issues:

Albanian Society and Culture:

Women and Women’s Liberation:

Youth and Education:

The Collapse of Socialism in Albania After the Death of Enver Hoxha:

Albanian Magazines:

Foreign Political Support for Albania (Mostly from after the split with China):

Foreign Criticism of Albania:

Academic Commentary on Socialist Albania [Mostly Bourgeois]:


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